LifeBridge Family Church is a Bible beleiving, Pentecostal / Charismatic, Jesus focused church that meets in the centrally located community of Thamesville, Ontario. However, we don’t all live in Thamesville. In fact, we believe God has placed us here in a crossroads community to bring the love and power of God to the entire region of Chatham-Kent and beyond. It is our belief that LifeBridge was planted by God Himself for the purpose of being a regional hub of renewal, revival, and new life for those seeking reconciliation with God, and deeper expereince in the Holy Spirit.

LifeBridge began in 2011 as a satellite campus of Evangel Community Church in Chatham, ON. The congregation and leadership team of Evangel had a vision to expand to the east of Chatham by establishing another site in Thamesville. In November 2010 they invited Pastor Andrew and Pam Bauer and their family to join the Evangel staff team and to plan the launch of this new campus. The launch took place on Easter Sunday, April 24th, 2011.

 In January 2014, the Evangel board, together with the leadership in the Thamesville campus, decided that in order for this young congregation to best achieve the vision that God had given them, they should transition to become their own church. In August of 2014, LifeBridge purchased a building at 2 Lemuel Street that was in need of much renovation work, and took on a retro-fit project to transform the building into a Ministry Centre to accommodate our worship gatherings, but also with which to serve our community. To this day we continue to thank God and those who worked sacrificially to build the great facility we enjoy today.

In the early summer of 2017, Pastor Andrew and Pam Bauer sensed it was tme to conclude thier ministry at LifeBridge and took forward steps to accept a call to Lead pastoral ministry in New Brunswick. We continue to bless them and thank them for thier courage, and hard work to establish LifeBridge as a viable congregation ready to seek a new pastor. Thus in August of 2017 we welcomed pastor Daniel Smith, his wife Carolina, and thier two children Jakin and Emma as our Lead pastor.

These are great and exciting times as LifeBridge endeavors to continue the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Chatham-Kent and beyond. Consider joining us and becoming part of history as we look to God together to inherit His plan for this area that He has had in motion since before the time of the first Moravian missionaries until now.

 LifeBridge is part of a larger family of churches called the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).