What you need to know:

Our Family Worship Gatherings are Sunday mornings @ 10am at 2 Lemuel Street, Thamesville.

What to Expect

Please dress comfortably. We believe God cares more about the way we treat each other, what we laugh at, if we love our fellow person, how we respond to hard times, etc. rather than how we dress.

During our meeting expect a vibrant room filled with open expression of our love for God in our singing, dancing, praying, passionate preaching, laughter, tears, hugs, handshakes, high-fives, etc. Expect people to express their natural talents through drama, painting, art, and other ways in our gatherings. 

Expect for a spiritual environment. We are not trying to be sensitive, or covert about the fact that God is active and supernatural. We do not hide that part about God because as humans we are designed to be spiritual and we are all spiritually hungry. It is possible to find spiritual experience outside of God, so many do, and it's decieving and dangerous. At LifeBridge you will be able to truly expereince God, rather than just get information about him. So expect LifeBridge to be a place where you WILL experience God's pure love and power in a personal way. Because HE knows you, and loves you. And was expecting your visit.

We encourage you to come as you are, bring your needs, even and especially if you are sick or need a breakthrough. LifeBridge might be that place where it all turned around for you.


We have street parking by our front door entrance on Lemuel Street, and a small parking lot near our rear entrance on Railroad Street. During weekdays, please enter through our Lemuel Street entrances.