I'm New

I'm New

What you need to know:

Our Family Worship Gatherings are Sunday mornings @ 10am at 2 Lemuel Street, Thamesville.

What to Expect

Come as you are.  

Some like business suits, some like joggin' suits ... whatever suits ya. We believe God cares more about the way we treat each other, what we laugh at, if we love our fellow person, how we respond to hard times, etc. rather than how we dress.

During our meeting expect a vibrant room filled with open expression of our love for God in our singing, dancing, praying, passionate preaching, laughter, tears, hugs, handshakes, high-fives, etc. Expect people to express their natural talents and also their spiritual gifts. We don't hide our value for the supernatural things that God uses to prove He is real. 

Expect to hear how God is working our lives through testimony. Most of all expect to encounter God in a fresh way 'cause He is what church is all about and every effort is made to ensure you find your visit to LifeBridge to be truly life changing and a positive experience overall.


We have street parking by our front door entrance on Lemuel Street, and a small parking lot near our rear entrance on Railroad Street. During weekdays, please enter through our Lemuel Street entrances. During any of our worship gatherings, both our main entrances front and rear will be open. If parking near our building is already full, please do your best to find parking in the vicinity.

On Sundays, we have trained teams prepared to work with your children from the ages of 0-12 years. Our nursery – for ages 0-3 – is available at the beginning of the Sunday worship time. Children ages 4-12 will be sent out to their own teaching time about 25 minutes into the morning.